Real Estate Just Got Real—Real MOBILE, That Is

Mobile has redefined real estate—and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Nearly nine in ten new home shoppers kick off their journey with a mobile search, and two in three use apps to streamline and simplify their search. In other words, mobile matters—and it matters to your target buyers.

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At Mobile.Agency we’re revolutionizing the fix-and-flip process and disrupting the real estate industry every step of the way. Our platform is anchored in decades of collective experience, a deep commitment to innovation, and, of course, the agility, mobility, and good old-fashioned smarts that come with this always-on platform. By putting the pieces together, we can connect you with better-than-ever buyers who want what you’re selling.

The Buyers Club Process

Whether it’s getting directions to a property, comparing homes side-by-side, or getting the goods on that latest remodel, today’s home buyers are smart, savvy, and overwhelmingly mobile. They crave connection, rely on total mobility, and seek our brands and experiences that can keep pace with their go, go, go lifestyle. Brands like Mobile.Agency. Experiences like the Buyers Club.

But that doesn’t mean membership is an open invitation—far from it. Buyers Club members are highly vetted before joining the Club, ensuring they’re truly primed to buy—ensuring that they’re tried and true ReHAVERS. Once they’re in, you know that this is a qualified buyer who’s focused on rehabbed, remodeled, and renovated properties. All you have to do is lead the way HOME.


Sign up and tell us why your rehabbed property rocks. Show us all the upgrades and add-ons. Tout the neighborhood. And, above all, help ReHAVERS picture life calling that house “home.” With a few quick clicks you can do it all and get your property front and center.


Submit your listing and let us take care of the rest (no, really…). Every new listing gets the red carpet treatment, with targeted inbound and outbound marketing that rivals the MLS. Our goal? Sell your property for top dollar in a fraction of the time.


The ReHAVERS are the best of the best. Every ReHAVER has been vetted and qualified—we know they want a remodeled home and we know they have the credit, the cash, and the mindset to get a deal done right now. Because, really, you don’t have time to waste on anything but the best buyers.


We know your property. We know the ReHAVER market. And, above all, we know what those buyers want in a remodeled home. With all of that intel and know-how under our belt, connecting the dots is the easy part. The best part? We make it happen without a seller’s agent, saving you thousands in commission fees.

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From the minute you list your latest rehab in the Buyers Club, our team of real estate insiders and marketing experts set the wheels in motion with one goal in mind: to find you the perfect rehab-focused buyer fast. Our process is simple, seamless, and saves you time and money. Sounds pretty good, right?

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